Portrait of Karolina


After completing these courses, I have a different view of data science and data scientists.

I can say that data is just stories incomprehensible to many people and data scientists are the collectors, the organizers and the tellers of that stories in simple and understandable way for everyone.

Portrait of Hamada


The upper data cycle was one of the distinctive steps in my life and a paradigm shift in the field of data science and technology.

I decided to enter data and technology and make it my focus in the coming years, and develop my knowledge in data. I would like to say that I learned new things and gained enough skills to be part of this huge world, a real data scientist, and to take an important step in my future life.

Portrait of Jasper


I share my enthusiasm for data with the current and future cohorts.

I’m a Cyberworkplace alumni. There, I learned my skills in cyber security and networking. I’m also skillied in AI and machine learning. Now, I’m a data coach intern at The Do Good Only Company, where I share my enthusiasm for data with the current and future cohorts and transfer my knowledge into practical experience. This is my first step into the labor market as a data scientist.

Portrait if Kristle


What makes a data scientist is somebody who is curious, is driven and loves to learn.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing the true image of data science and the people who work in it. I have learned the data science is more than a field of work it is a community of people work and contributing to try to bring positive change and insight to the world in the way they know how, through data.

Portrait of Nazzal


Data science is more important than I expected, and that programming languages are fun!

II had a great passion for data science since I started to learn, increased my love for learning data science, and I enjoyed learning the programming languages in the correct and reliable way. Now I can process data and analyze it to extract a graphic visualization of its study and solving its problems or obtaining a result that enables me to obtain general knowledge of the evidence to reach the goal to be achieved. In short, the data science is an interesting and important field that enables you to solve many problems in a more concise and less painstaking way.

Portrait of Ohmar


I've learned a lot about data and I'm excited for this new chapter in my life.

I’m a BA Geography graduate from Myanmar and I have experience with data entry, data analysis and document setup. I also worked as a data analyst at a distribution company in Myanmar and Malaysia.
But I lost everything when I came here. As the first requirement in a job description is a Dutch university degree. When I contacted The Do Good Only Company, I felt like I get back my loss back and I have found my light.

Now I’ve learned more about data , I want challenge in my new life, as I’m starting as a data professional trainee at The Do Good Only Company after completing my course. I am very excited for this new chapter of my life.


One of the fundamental principles of the course I was so enthusiastic about, is the fact that we control the machine, not the opposite.

 Basically, my journey started The Do Good Only Company, taking part in the Power Skills course. I figured out that my colleagues were focusing on something that appeared very important and I decided I wanted to know more about it. When I investigated, I heard so many stories that felt relatable. I decided that data science should be my focus for the coming years of my career, and with the help of the owner, Caroline, the door opened when I applied for the Data Science Track.

I enjoyed so much learning about data science,  how to collect and analyze and visualize data, I learned more about libraries and programming languages,  overall,  I learned enough skills to become a real data scientist. Data science was the step in, that made me realize the great impact we can make on those who have less experience with technology and it is definitely my beginning in this huge world.

Portrait of Semere


Data science is the heart of every organization.

In the beginning I did not have the whole image what data science was and I had insufficient knowledge to answer my friends or people around me who asked me about data science. Now I can say that data science is key field which almost every sector or organization needs. Data science helps you extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data.


I always love to motivate others to see their own potential and help them to be their best!

I’m a dedicated trainer at SkillsUP Lab and I have degree in Computer Application and I’ve also completed the Data Science Microsoft Professional Program. Furthermore, I have hands on experience with web design, data cleaning and data-visualization and prediction.

Portrait of Thein Soe

Thein Soe

I enjoy learning more and look forward to my career in Data Analytics and Data Science.
I am from Myanmar. I studied 2 year of mathematics. I was running my own business in game materials. I enrolled in the Data Analytics program and was able to start in July 2019. I didn’t know anything about programming or Excel. It was challenging but I was persistent and curious about learning. Now, I understand and can use Excel, SQL, Microsoft Power BI and I am learning Python. 
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