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Next group starts October 19th to February 12th.

Unemployment numbers are reaching record highs. One of the most important things we can do to help is by providing retraining to those affected.

We are making our digital program available to people impacted by un/underemployment at a special offering of 7495.- EUR/USD.

Learn Essential Data Science Skills

With our digital program, you’ll learn the ropes of Data Science through certified IBM courses and daily sessions by our Dutch Data Professionals. Not only did they help refine the program, they actually followed the whole program themselves. This way, you’ll be sure to gain the knowledge and support you need to kickstart your data-driven career.

Community Based Learning

During the SkillsUP Lab, you’re not just following courses. You’re contributing to an inclusive community of data-driven people. You’ll stay in touch with the community during and after your program. Not only with your peers, but with previous cohorts as well!

Prepare For Takeoff

Get hands-on experience with data during our daily sessions, where our Data Professionals will guide and coach you. You’ll also be working on projects to broaden and consolidate your knowledge, so you’ll be prepared to work on real data projects right away. Besides these sessions, we offer personal job coaching from the start, on a biweekly basis. Here, you’ll learn how to create or improve your CV, update your LinkedIn and more!

Program Information

The SkillsUP Labs are open for all!

We deliberately build our learning communities to include people who are working and those who are seeking new work. We are firm believers in life long learning, through reskilling and upskilling. We foster community by connecting our cohorts with each other and hosting ongoing events for you to continue to share your knowledge and build your network with more people!

Anyone can apply to our programs. The qualities that we are looking for are: curiosity, persistence, resilience and community orientation. If you possess these qualities, then the SkillsUP Lab could be an excellent experience for you!

We are now offering a digital version of our SkillsUP Lab to help people prepare during these times of uncertainty with new skills and employment prospects.

Grow on a technical and personal level

If you become a member of our next cohort, you can expect to grow technically, personally and professionally. You’ll be joined by people from interesting backgrounds and experiences. You’ll join an inclusive data community.

In your cohort, you will find people who are: upskilling to grow with their current employer, reskilling to find new work, those who want to increase their own technical knowledge and entrepreneurs.

During the digital program, you will follow the same challenging technical program as our program in Rotterdam. You’ll also have the option of attending Special Topics Masterclasses. Throughout your program, you will also receive instruction on how to prepare for the job market, making a strong technical impression and interviewing assistance. All of our coaches are available to help you as well.

With that, you’ll also receive PowerSkills, our program where you learn ‘soft skills’ from professional executive coaches.

Everyone is held to the same standards regarding attendance, participation, progress and honor code.

Coaching and real-life experience

Technical training is great and a good foundation. You also need real-life experience. We’re here to help you identify opportunities to do that!

During your training, you will work on a wide variety of data projects and continue to build your skills and network. We will also be working with you to help you prepare for finding your future employer from day one.

As a data science professional, we expect that you will be an eager, curious problem solver with data science and analytics skills that you want to apply to real-world business challenges. It’s not only commercial companies that need these skills. Non-profits and public service need them as well.

Data Science


The foundation of responsible data usage that every data professional needs.

Data Mechanics

Working with, cleaning, preparing data for usage, transformation and analysis.

Prescriptive Analytics

Import data and get insights from datasets using Python and Excel

Data Visualization

Create meaningful, effective, and aesthetically pleasing data visuals in multiple tools.

Predictive Analytics

Build and fine tune robust predictive Machine Learning models.

Data Storytelling

Bringing the secrets of data to life for the business, making it actionable.

Accelerate your career with skills in one of the fastest growing fields – data science. Learn data science fundamentals, ethics, key data science tools, and widely-used programming languages from industry and academic experts in this unique program.
With a multidisciplinary focus, our program will help you develop the analytical and programming skills you need to take advantage of the 1.5 million career opportunities available now in data science.

  • Learn in an interactive, motivational environment
  • Build your knowledge and portfolio with hands on experience
  • Receive your certification for each module you complete
  • Complete the whole program to earn your SkillsUP Lab Certificate in Data Science
  • Experienced Data Scientists coach you through the program
  • Professional development experience with project-based learning and job coaching included

How much does it cost?
The total costs for the Digital Data Science Track currently is 7495,- USD (VAT incl.). Participants pay 7495,- USD in full or in 10 terms of 749,50 USD to start their track.

What’s included in this price:

  • Professional coaching: Weekdays from 9.00 am to 11.00 am EDT through Whereby.
  • Ready to help: Our coaches are ready to answer your questions on Slack throughout the day.
  • Track resources: all the course materials, including a year subscription to DataCamp and an Office365 License
  • Portfolio Building: a Data Professional experience to further develop and demonstrate your Data Professional skills, build your portfolio and explore new career opportunities.
  • Job Coaching*: if needed, from day one we’ll help you establish a strong personal brand, helping you navigate the labor market and coaching you one-on-one.
  • PowerSkills: Our soft-skills program hosted by our experienced executive coaches. Here you’ll learn to develop your voice and (self) leadership skills, handle conflict and difficult situations, and present your story better.
The Do Good Only Company BV stands for digital inclusion. If you feel that your specific situation is preventing you from participating, please let us know by scheduling a call with us.
  • Use Microsoft Excel to explore data 
  • Use Transact-SQL to query a relational database 
  • Create data models and visualize data using Excel or Power BI 
  • Apply statistical methods to data 
  • Use Python to explore and transform data 
  • Follow a data science methodology 
  • Create and validate machine learning models. 
  • Write Python code to build machine learning models 
  • Apply data science techniques to common scenarios 
  • Implement a machine learning solution for a given data problem

What's different from the in-person track?

The International SkillsUP Lab Data Science Track contains the same IBM-certified courses as the track in Rotterdam. 

Your day starts with a live and online kickoff at 9AM EDT during weekdays. The coaches will help you grow your data knowledge through practical real-life projects. This way you’ll build your portfolio right from the start.

We also offer personal job coaching from the moment you start the program. Here we walk through your CV and help you with preparing for interviews, among other useful skills to get you ready for the job market.

Our Power Skills are now available to the Digital Track as well!

The SkillsUP Lab takes place above The Heilige Boontjes Grand Cafe in Bureau Eendracht situated right across the metro stop Eendrachtsplein. An inspiring location with other social enterprises.

Eendrachtsplein 3 – 1D
3015 LA Rotterdam

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