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The program

During the program, you will be joining our community. We learn from and with each other. In addition to meeting together, we are also connected online. After you complete your program, you will still have access to the community. This is a great resource for you as you go back to work with your new skills.
Communities are as strong as their members so we have an active participation expectation. If you are someone who prefers to excel as a solo, this is not the right program for you with our emphasis on collective success!

We believe that practical experience is a critical component of the program. After the second month of your study, you have the option to begin working with a company or NGO one day a week. The assignments will vary, however they are all data related. If you and the company want to increase that one day a week to more, we can arrange the schedule accordingly.
We will also provide access to hackathons and other day events to help build your portfolio and practical experience.

Just as data skills give SkillsUP Lab participants more opportunities in the labor market, so do self-confidence and developing your leadership capacity. We believe these are essential Power Skills. In the SkillsUP Lab program, we have specialists in teaching consulting, presenting, and other business necessary skills. There is a minimum of 9 Power Skills days planned.

The community is critical. If personal circumstances require you to stop with the course, we can make arrangements with you to continue with a later program. Once the program starts, we will not accept late entries into the program as it tends to be disruptive to the community that is being built.

Costs and payment

Data Science : The total costs for the six-month track are € 12.093,95 (incl  BTW). Participants pay €3188.35 (incl BTW) to start their track. The remainder (€8905.60‬) of the program costs can be paid by you your employer or your future employer.
You agree that you will be responsible for paying the full cost of the program if your employer/future employer does not. Payment arrangements can be made for all parties – our goal is not to block access to this knowledge because of lack of financial resources.

This is an independent program, without corporate sponsorship. We are making this investment together. We invest our knowledge, skills, platforms, resources and networks to this program to strengthen people’s competencies and workplace retention. You invest your time, energy and share the costs of the program with us through your fee. This enables us to keep the SkillsUP Lab accessible for you and future attendees.

Refund requests before the program starts are 100%. After the program starts, refunds are offered at a pro-rated basis on fees paid up until month 2. After month 2, refunds are no longer available. Costs for certificates earned will not be redeemed as they are not transferable.

Every financial situation is different. Feel free to contact us, so we can explore your options.


No, we do not guarantee to find you a job. What we will do is partner with you and use our extensive networks to help you find a job. This is a joint effort. You can expect that you will attract a great deal of interest with your new skills.

That depends on your experience, your interests and your personal circumstances. If you are seeking new work, we will have someone available to work with you through the program to help you find the right career step for you.
Again, the skills you are learning can be applied to any industry – think of your new skills as an additional competency rather than as a job title. This is why we won’t brand you as a “Data Scientist” or other Data related title. You are a person with practical data science and/or data analysis skills.

Yes, you will need to bring your own laptop. However, licenses are provided by us if you do not already have Office.
Of course, if you do not have your own laptop, please contact us to explore your options.

We are not able to provide visa sponsorship to attend this program. We recommend that you check with the requirements of the IND for questions related to staying or moving to The Netherlands.

SkillsUP Lab Digital

The program

The SkillsUP Lab is a program of The Do Good Only Company. We are an American owned, female founded social enterprise physically based in the Netherlands. Our work is focused on making IT more diverse today. Our programs focus on teaching in demand skills (like practical data science) to a wide variety of individuals, helping increasing their employment prospects and making the data and AI worlds more inclusive by adding to the workforce. Our goal is to help build inclusive data communities worldwide.

With the record high reports of unemployment in the US, it’s impossible for our founder and our team to sit by and just read the news. We believe that everyone should have the access to life-long learning and reskilling. Our founder started her career in tech as a result of being laid off after 9/11. You can read more about the motivation here.

It’s for anyone who has ever wanted to take a step into the exciting world of data. What makes someone successful in our programs are the following qualities: curiosity, persistence, resilience and community orientation. Everyone is welcome to apply to our programs, regardless of age, gender, nationality, education level or any other factor that is used to filter people out. Previous degrees, financial circumstances, job titles – none of those are indicators of successful completion of our program. Our most successful graduates are the ones who dared, the ones who decided they wanted to change the course of their lives and their careers. If you take a look at our community page, you can get a very visual view of our most recent cohort. Who you will be meeting if you join our digital program!

Since our start, we have followed a hybrid model. Three days together in our Lab and two days of self-study. We originally chose this model for a number of reasons: to provide flexibility for people who had care responsibilities (family, children, parents, etc), reduced commuting time and costs for our cohorts and to increase access to people who had work responsibilities. From day one, all of our learning content has been online so that people could study their way. Since 16 March, the day the Covid-19 regulations went into place in the Netherlands, we have been fully digital. It’s worked out very well. We have run four hybrid cohorts to date, with our fifth one starting 31 August. Our first fully digital one, for the US, will start on July 6th. Additional ones may follow this year.

This is an intensive course. Your coach will be available to you via Teams, where they’ll help you 1:1. Depending on your time management, you should expect to spend 10 hours a week on the material. Some weeks will require more, some less, depending on your experience. 10 hours is a reasonable expectation, but you can always go faster or slower as you see fit. With our estimated time scheduling, this course should take 8 months. The modules have individual completion dates so if you are eager to learn more, you can. You won’t have to slow down. We do expect you to make a habit of regular attendance and contact with your coach.

The SkillsUP Lab certificate of completion that will be awarded is based on completing the following: IBM Data Science Professional Certificate, IBM Python for Data Science Certificate, Ethics, Data Analysis, Data Visualization and Data Storytelling.

For maximum learning impact, interaction and high coach to participant ratio, our cohorts are grouped into communities of 20.

Costs and payment

Our digital track costs currently are 7495.- USD/EUR (VAT incl.). You agree that you will be responsible for paying the full cost of the program.

Yes, payment arrangements will be set up with you when you register. The first payment (deposit) is due when you confirm your acceptance into the program. In order to receive your certificate of completion, all payments will need to be made.

If you have a financial hardship, contact us.

When you confirm your acceptance into the program, you will need to make your first payment. This is a deposit to hold your place. If you end up not starting in the program, this will be returned to your original form of payment. If you need to withdraw from the program during the first 30 days, you will receive a 75% refund of all fees paid. If you withdraw within days 31-60, you will receive a 50% refund. There are no refunds for withdrawal after day 61. You do have the option of applying your tuition to a future program.

It’s simple. Our goal is to open the doors to learning practical data science to everyone who wants to learn. Our programs contribute to an inclusive data community, every cohort engages with the next one to share knowledge, job opportunities and networks. We also want to keep the cost affordable so that people can learn who might not be able to afford other bootcamps or programs. If the cost to learn technical skills is too expensive for all but a few, then we will not get a more inclusive IT workforce.


In our definition, a data professional is someone who has the skills to work with data. They know how to choose, prepare, clean, analyze, create visualizations, build models and communicate with data. They may do this in various industries. Our programs are about building data skills and competencies, not about producing people for a certain title. As a data professional, you will be able to demonstrate all of these skills and more. You will be able to apply them to your current job and your next. You can be a data professional in any field. Not every company needs a team of “data scientists” due to their size or industry but they all need people who are data professionals. This attitude also brings your previous experiences with you. Data skills are an addition to the experiences, skills and strengths you already have.

During the program, you will have six dedicated meeting with one of our job coaches. You’ll come prepared with the assignments. Together we will focus on your resume, your profile, building your technical portfolio, identifying opportunities, interview preparation and other special topics related to this portion. At the end of the technical program, you should actively applying for new roles. After you have completed your program, you’ll continue to be a member of our inclusive data community and are welcome to stay connected with us.

 It starts with filling out the SignUP form. While we are reviewing your information, you will be asked to schedule a time for a video call. During the call you will get a chance to ask questions, learn more about the program and tell us more about your motivation and plans. We’ll notify you within 48 hours with an admission decision. If you are going to join our group, then you will receive your admission offer and documents via email.

The SkillsUP Lab takes place above The Heilige Boontjes Grand Cafe in Bureau Eendracht situated right across the metro stop Eendrachtsplein. An inspiring location with other social enterprises.

Eendrachtsplein 3 – 1D
3015 LA Rotterdam

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