Data Leakage and Draining Battery

What some messaging apps are taking away about you – You would think that apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram and LinkedIn would be more mindful about Data leakage happening through their apps. But research has shown that especially those apps are the big culprit. Researchers found several cases of apps with vulnerabilities such as: leaking …

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Interview Season

It’s Friday evening and before I shut down the laptop tonight, I want to reflect on the week that it has been! Tuesday we announced our plans to make the SkillsUP Lab digital edition available to US and international participants. Data skills and knowledge shouldn’t be limited by national borders. There’s been a great of buzz about …

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Meet The Community: Marije

With a burning passion for order amidst the chaos, making clear dashboards and readable tables became kind of my thing. Now I can apply my knowledge in a variety of projects while I further broaden my skills with HTML, CSS and JavaScript React. After getting my MBO-4 diploma in journalism and (online) media, I found …

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