Reaching for your future

One of the things we enjoy most is putting together a new cohort. Every few months, we go through the cycle of applications, information calls, interviews and counting down to the first day.

Each cohort is different. They all bring new memories and connections. This weekend I was in our Lab and starting turning the big wall that does not have whiteboard paint on it into our Photo Gallery. As I was hanging the pictures, each one brought back lots of memories.

This time, we are putting together two cohorts at the same time. For our US and International applicants, they will be starting on the 6th of July, which is not that far away. Interviews are starting this week and I am looking forward to getting to know the people behind the applications.

For our next Dutch program, they will start 31 August. We’ve scheduled those interviews start at the end of the month. We had a number of people who would have started with us in April so we’re halfway there already.

With each cohort, they connect to the next one. They do this in a number of ways, by sharing their knowledge, being study mentors and helping with interviewing and generally pitching in. This increases the power of your network as well. You will go out into the world as a data professional with a strong community surrounding you.

If you are curious about what the program is like, you can chat with any of the members of our previous cohorts and get a view into their experience. Just click on our Contact form. They will tell you the good, the bad, the moments that SQL made them cry 😉 and the joy when the models worked!

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